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If this problem persists, please contact the webmaster of the site you were viewing and let them know the link is broken.

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AOL USERS Because of your AOL service, you may be experiencing consistent problems accessing products, and viewing movies and other content, please contact America Online toll-free at 888-265-8007 to speak to a Member Services Representative. If you continue to use AOL, please use either Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.7, and follow the directions below to enable consoles and cookies.

If you cannot access a product:
Before you ask for help, first ensure that cookies and Java are enabled in your browser, then try accessing the product again.

For Internet Explorer users, you can check this by going into Tools, then Internet Options, then clicking on the Privacy tab. Make sure the slider is set on either Medium, Low or Accept All Cookies. Then move to the Advanced tab, scroll down until you find the header Microsoft VM, and make sure that both Java console and Java logging are enabled. Clear your cache, restart your browser and try connecting again.

For Netscape users, go to Edit, choose Preferences, go to Advanced, and make sure that Enable Java, Enable Javascript, and Accept All Cookies are checked. We suggest using IE 5.0 or Netscape 4.7. If you are using any form of Personal Firewall software, please disable it to view your product and then re-enable it after you are done viewing.

If you are having problems viewing the live products, you most likely have an issue with your browser's Java support. An error message that can help debug the problem should be found in your Java Console, which is a log of the Java Virtual Machine. The Java console can be found (once enabled) as View->Java Console New 6.0 generation browsers now ship without a Java Virtual Machine of their own. Instead you must get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems. This can be donwloaded from, or installed when you install your new web browser. If you are using the JRE from Sun then your Java Console is not located in the View Menu - it will appear in your task bar as a small Java icon. Double click this icon to see the console.

If you are having trouble viewing recorded movies:
Movies are encoded in either Windows Media (.WMV) format or RealMedia (.RM) formats, depending on which product you are viewing. You must have a current version of Windows Media Player (version 7 or greater) in order to play the Windows Media movies. If you can hear the soundtrack to the movie but not see any video then you definitely need to upgrade your Windows Media player to the newest version. Windows Media player can be downloaded using Windows Update, or from Microsoft's web site (click the button below).

For RealMedia products, You must use Real Player version 8 or better, so if you have an earlier version, or don't have it at all, please download the newest RealOne player using the link below. You will be able to play all movies using the Free RealOne player, or you may also play them with the full version of RealOne. If you are experiencing poor reception, movies cutting out, or slow play, please clear your browser cache and increase the limit. For best quality, clear your cache before viewing each video. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options. Under the General tab, Click on Delete File under the heading of Temporary Internet Files. To increase the limit, click on the settings tab beside the "Delete Files" option, and slide the tab to a larger limit, then hit "OK". That's it. In Netscape, go to "Edit", then "Preferences". On the left side under "advanced", choose the "cache" option, and click "clear memory cache" and then "clear disk cache". To increase the settings, just reenter larger values in the boxes provided.

Mac Users In IE, you will need to click the link displayed to play the movie.

If you are using Netscape, you will probably have to download the movie to your hard drive and play it from there. To do this, do not click ont he link but rather hold the mouse down for a few seconds. A pop up menu will appear - choose 'Save Link As...' and then save the movie to your hard drive. You may then open it there using Windows Media Player. As an alternative to all this work you can try using Internet Explorer, which will let you just click on the link to launch Windows Media Player!

Download Windows Media Player   DownloadPlayer

If you are having trouble viewing Live Cams:
Live Cams are provided using a Java applet. Please make sure that you have Java and the Java Console installed and enabled (see 'If you cannot access a product', above, for instructions). Our live cam streaming technology is very advanced - offering adjustable picture quality and optional audio. Use the control buttons below the picture, along with the applet's output to the Java Console window, to control the quality of your picture. If your internet connection is proving too slow (whether it is dialup or a cable modem during peak times), you can easily speed up the video by shrinking the size of the picture, or decreasing the quality of the picture. In the Java Console you will see messages from the player applet that tell you your current frame rate.

Dialup Users: Please note that unless you turn the picture quality almost all the way down, you will not be able to receive audio over a dialup connection.

For additional help:

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